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w00t Art Portal

2009-06-18 21:34:19 by V3nge

Yay the Art Portal is up.

I can finally actually contribute to this wonderful site rather than just having a practically empty userpage. Be aware that most of this art was made in my early teen years using the Adobe kit. I actually had free time back then... good times... good times.

I'd ;) love ;) to be scouted by the way, if anyone is lookin'. I think my stuff is alright but I wouldn't go as far as callin' it good. But it's not crap either. Mostly just boring ol' letterin'.

I threw all my art into the other collection due to fear of mis-placement and getting told off :(.

Feel free to comment on any of my stuff... i would really appreciate any feedback you newgrounders have to offer.

(P.S my name is Adam if your wonderin' why the f*ck most of my art consists of A's)


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