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Haha this is great

I could tell as soon as i tried leap as my first option that this was one of yours. Although not as good as your latest submissions for your very first this is excellent. And anyway, it still has its charms. Short, sweet and entertaining. I tried all the options at least three times. Quite sad really, its like i was expecting it to be different. Haha.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hehe, yeah my skill wasn't that great back then so I don't think I could've made it any longer.

Excellent, again.

Looks like i missed this when it was on the front page, i need to check out the movies section more often.

Very good. I didn't physically laugh at this one like with breaking out of prison but i still found it entertaining. Although in general your animation style has remained consistant between this movie and your latest submission, you have definately improved. I liked the spoof pictures at the end coupled with nubbin's excellent music, i don't usually stay for the credits but for once I actually did.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yeah, I'm proud of the credits sequence and Nubbin's song did fit really well.

Holy shit!

You call that a short? That was a lotta things... but it sure weren't all that short.

Another amazingly funny "short" from the explosm gang. Nice job guys, keep it up.

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Fix. Your. Springs.

Black platforms are springs, but good luck trying to actually jump on them LOL. Seriously, your meant to bounce on springs automatically, you don't fall through them if you dont jump at the right-time. Thats just not how it works. Was actually having fun until I got to the impossibly difficult black springs.

Scorpiastudios responds:

OH FFS!!!!!
read the other reviews!!!
I dont know how many times I've had to explain: hold down the space bar to jump on them!!!!

Good but terribly laggy late game

Fantastic game, great fun. Choosing between the colours was a different twist. Nothing remarkably special but it was definitely a new twist on your typical TD. Worth playing, but not quite good enough to come back to.

But the game puts the emphasis too much on spamming all kinds of towers rather than upgrading which led to horrific lag around the wave 30 mark. It would be better to add more levels to the towers so instead of places twenty gold towers, just a couple could be upgraded to achieve the same effect.

I also ran into a coupla bugs;
-The puddle thing you put on the path can be upgraded at 0 cost, although no difference is made anyway (it looks better though :P)
-If you fully upgrade a bog tower and sell it you get infinite money

3D-xelu responds:

Thanks for your sincerity :P

and thanks for pointing out the bugs.. we'll probably work on a update soon


I thoroughly enjoyed finding and watching all the endings, even the fails. I would advise anyone else to do the same, otherwise you wouldn't be seeing all the content. The only problem with a game of this nature is when i didn't get an entire story arc from an option, or found one of the endings, i was actually disappointed because I couldn't carry on playing. Haha.
I like the quick reaction sections too, made it feel more like a game rather than an interactive story. When i got that top-down view though on the badass ending i readied my hand on the arrow keys rather than the mouse as i was expecting to have to run around dodging bullets rather than just click, i think i would have preferred this.

Great game though, please make another, this has definately made me want to check out your other submissions.

PuffballsUnited responds:

See, my programming skills aren't that great so I don't think I'd be able to program a dodging bullets mini-game thing. Plus I really like the Matrix scene. Also, I couldn't add more story arcs because the movie was already really big.

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I like it

Very nice, generally a really deep, interesting song. I could definately see this in a game.
01:03 - 01:05 sounded horrible though :|

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hmm... I think I know what part you're talking about. Thanks for the review!

simply amazing

i'd happily buy this on cd, this song is just so amazing
i listen to it like 3 times a day


where the hell is the friggin donate button?

nubbinownz responds:

hehe it's on muh myspaece! :D

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